Georgia authorities announced on Monday that cell phone video showing a police officer beating a homeless woman has led them to reopen the investigation into her arrest.

The DeKalb County officer is seen in the nearly two-minute-long video, which was released on June 4, beating the woman and threatening to shoot her as she is sprawled out on the ground. The woman is unarmed but appears to try to kick at the officer during the video. However, there is one moment where she does not even appear to be moving before the officer repeatedly hits her.

Dekalb County police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said that the video had hit social media over the weekend, prompting a reopening of the investigation. “It’s more we’re looking at the video to see if it aligns with the officer’s statement. Right now, what he put in his report is consistent with the video,” she told HuffPost on Tuesday.

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According to the officer’s report, he was responding to reports of a woman asking customers for money inside the store. When he arrived, the woman, Katie McCrary, said that she was a federal agent and gave him a random number as her badge number. He responded by telling her that she could be arrested for impersonating an officer, at which point McCrary accused him of impersonating an officer and grabbed his badge, vest and radio.

“Let go or I’m going to shoot you,” the officer tells the woman twice as she grabs his baton. A woman can be heard pleading with the officer not to shoot the woman as onlookers urge McCrary to “stop resisting.”

An investigation of the incident “found that the use of force was justified,” but now, it is being reopened.

“The officer was cleared, following the Internal Affairs investigation,” the police department said in a statement. “Now that the Department has this new evidence we have reopened the investigation and will determine whether the incident is consistent with policy and the law.”