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On Tuesday, Quincy Jones’ attorney told a jury that he is still owed $30 million in unpaid royalties from the Michael Jackson estate.

He said that, before the King of Pop passed away, he had been paid royalties for his work on three albums, “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” and “Bad.” But after Jackson’s death, Jones claimed, he didn’t get his share of royalties, a big financial blow considering the fact that interest in Jackson’s work surged following his death. In fact, he claimed that he didn’t even know about the new royalties until he filed suit in 2013.

“He hasn’t been adjusted as Michael was adjusted,” attorney Mike McKool told the jury.

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Zia Modabber, the attorney for Jackson’s estate, argued in response that Jones has, in fact, been adequately compensated for his work. “We believe the evidence will show that Mr. Jones is not entitled to anything but a fraction of the money he’s after,” Modabber said, adding that, since Jackson’s death, “Mr. Jones has been paid over $18 million, and he will make millions more.”

Modabber concluded his opening argument by saying that Jones “didn’t do any of the work” to deserve the money he was asking for, saying, “Mr. Jones is asking for tens and tens of millions of dollars. He just wants it and he hopes you will give it to him.”