Shaq wants to buy 100 Krispy Kreme stores after successful ATL purchase

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Shaquille O’Neal wants to buy up 100 Krispy Kreme stores so he can become a donut king.

He recently purchased a Krispy Kreme in Atlanta, and apparently, the store has been so successful that Shaq decided he wants to expand that empire, a hundred times over.

“I love Krispy Kreme. I’m in franchising, I’m the number one store in Atlanta,” he told TMZ. “And personally, I’ve been eating Krispy Kreme for years.”

“It’s the 80-year birthday of the original place, which is July 14th, I know this because it’s my mother’s birthday,” he continued, pausing to give a birthday shoutout to his mother and to tell her that he loved her. “But tomorrow, if you buy a dozen [donuts], you get another dozen.”

When asked about his ownership in the Krispy Kreme franchise, he admitted, “I only own one now, but when it’s all said and done, I’d like to own about a hundred.”