Wal-Mart gets dragged online for selling ‘N****r Brown’ wig caps

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Wal-Mart is involved in yet another racial scandal but this time it’s not about thug life masks and bandanas or Hitler mugs. Online shoppers were shocked and outraged to discover that the supermarket was selling wig caps in a brown shade described as “Nigger-Brown.”

Somehow, the product description got past those who monitor Wal-Mart’s website, and many were outraged. The company quickly issued an apology, blaming the “third party” selling the item.

“We are very sorry and appalled that this third party seller listed their item with this description on our online marketplace,” Walmart said in a statement. “It is a clear violation of our policy and has been removed, and we are investigating the seller to determine how this could have happened.”

What’s more, the so-called third party brand, Jagazi Naturals, a Black-owned company that caters to African-American consumers, said they don’t sell any products at Wal-Mart.

They released their own  statement on their website saying, “We woke up this morning to the news that someone has used our name Jagazi to list an item. Please beware that we are reporting this to as many people as we can and trying to get all the listings pulled down. The real Jagazi is a 100% black company for black people. People have often used our brand name to try and sell their fake products. Please be aware. Very sorry for all the distress this has caused. We are feeling the pain here as well. Most shocking!”

Owner of Jagazi Naturals, Chizo Onuh, told the Huffington Post, “A lot of sellers all over the internet are using my brand name to try and sell their products to my client base. I am a proud black woman focused on the ethnic hair products for my fellow black women.”

You can see some of the reactions to Wal-Mart’s blunder below.