The family of Joycelyn Savage claims that R. Kelly has been targeting young girls for “slavery.”

Her father, Timothy Savage, who along with his wife made headlines with allegations that their daughter was being held captive by Kelly, claimed that the “relationships” Kelly has with these women are nothing short of slavery and that the women have no choice in the matter.

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He particularly lambasted the fact that Kelly and Savage had started up their relationship when Savage was only seventeen. He considered that alone to be criminal, and he also went on to claim that Kelly was physically abusive with the women that he had in home in Illinois and Georgia.

“It’s not about being a consenting adult. Some of these girls he met when they were 17–it’s a known fact,” Timothy Savage told TMZ. “Some of these things we talked’s not about sexual. You can have a relationship with anybody when you get to a certain age. But it’s the abuse we’re talking about.

“It’s almost like slavery,” he added. “You can’t allow women to go through we’re going through [with our daughter].”

Recently, Joycelyn Savage said in a video that she was not being held against her will and that she was perfectly fine, going so far as to suggest that her father knew exactly where she was.

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He also denied Savages claims that he was the one to set her up with Kelly in the first place. Instead, he claimed that Kelly had told his daughter to say that about him.

Timothy continued on to say that the FBI was in the middle of investigating Kelly for the allegations of running a cult.