Glenn Beck on Tomi Lahren: ‘I would’ve fired her the day I met her’

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Glenn Beck sat down with Mediaite’s John Ziegler for an interview and when the topic of Tomi Lahren came up, he didn’t hold back.

Beck says that he wanted Lahren out way before her pro-choice comments were made on The View. Unfortunately, until recently he didn’t have control over who was hired or fired.

At one point in the discussion, he just comes right out and says it, “I would’ve fired [Lahren] the day I met her in the hallway.”

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According to Beck he had advised the management at TheBlaze to get her out “from the beginning” but gave up when it appeared she was settling in for the long haul.

He said he got a phone call from management telling him how they would like to go about cutting ties with Lahren. Beck says he isn’t sure why she was ultimately fired but the decision was not influenced by Lahren’s pro-choice comments on The View.

Beck said he doesn’t think pro-choice people are the problem but rather people who say “crazy red-meat things and not have any intellectual firepower to back it up.”