Victim’s attorney accuses Venus Williams of speeding in wrongful death lawsuit

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The attorney representing the estate of 78-year-old Jerome Barson, the man who died in a fatal car crash involving Venus Williams, has accused Venus Williams of going from 0 to 20 mph as she pulled through an intersection.

According to video footage of the accident, Williams was pulling into the intersection when she stopped as a car turned left in front of her. Now, Michael Steinger, the attorney, is reportedly claiming that Williams was speeding as she tried to clear the intersection.

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The claims are based on black box data gathered from Williams’ SUV that showed the car was going 19.9 mph when the car carrying Barson and his wife, Linda, T-boned Williams. Steinger said that she reached that speed in 4.2 seconds, which he says suggests that Williams “looked up, saw the red light and gunned it.”

Previously, the only information known on Williams’ speed was that she had told police that she entered the intersection going 5 mph.

Additionally, Steinger has slammed Williams’ claims that one or both of the Barsons were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash, pointing to data taken from their car that shows that was simply not the case.