Four strippers arrested for fatally shooting Good Samaritan

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Four women have been arrested and charged with murder for the fatal shooting of a Missouri man.

The women, 28-year-old Brittany Curry, 23-year-old Ponesha Taylor, 19-year-old Johniesha Simmons and 23-year-old Lauteshia Dotson, were from Memphis and were in Missouri after having advertised escort services.

Ralph Edward Cross, 55, reportedly stopped on Monday night when he saw that the women had a flat tire. He offered to help them and even reportedly bought them a new tire and allowed them to stay in his home until Cross’ body was discovered Tuesday morning.

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Cross was last seen at his house on the day he died arguing with three women while the fourth was in a white car, according to a witness report. The witness said he was walking toward his own home when he heard a noise and saw three women rush out of the house toward the car.

One of the women reportedly stopped by the witness and told him that Cross was “tripping and do not go back down there.”

The murder seems to have had robbery as one possible motive, with multiple witnesses reporting that Cross had a large sum of money, and investigators reported that the house showed signs of being searched.

Although investigators found a 9mm shell casing at the scene, the handgun has not yet been recovered.