Singer Tank reflects on backlash over DC Pride performance

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This May at a D.C. Black Pride event, Tank took the stage to perform some of his hits, but not without backlash from skeptical anti-LGBT fans. During a recent interview on The Grio LIVE, the R&B singer addressed all the drama.

Tank says he viewed the appearance as just a regular gig. When the people from the Pride event reached out, he was ready to perform for people who wanted to hear him sing.

“It wasn’t me trying to create a moment,” Tank told theGrio‘s Gerren Keith Gaynor. “It was me accepting an offer to perform at a venue full of people that appreciate my music. That simple.”

However, that isn’t how many people on social media viewed his appearance. Many immediately assumed that Tank was gay, or just had hateful words for him and the LGBT community. Even so, Tank was not here for the hate.

“We are part of the human race, we are human beings. Period. Point blank. The divide and the separation is what’s killing us.”

Check out the full clip above.