Beware of the new dating trend ‘Love Bombing’

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Love is suppose to enhance your life not harm it. If you just met someone and have found yourself in a whirlwind romance already thinking about tying the knot, be careful, for it could be too good to be true.

There is a rise in manipulative relationships called, “love bombing.”

The current climate of dating is tough enough without having to worry about getting “ghosted” or “curbed” now you also have to consider if you are getting emotionally bombed.

Love bombing is defined as a person being showered with affection, gifts, and promises for the future from someone who may have you believing you have found the real deal, but the behavior is a means to an end and can be very deceptive. The overdoing it tactic is used to sweep you off your feet, and leaves little room for you to vet the person properly. People who are exposed to this form of dating could be in danger. Psychologists indicate that “love bombing” is a part of a cycle of abuse. Not so good news for those in the dating game looking for true love.

— Scaramucci allegedly ousted from WH over dating rumors with Fox News host — 

Dating expert, Lisa Daily stated most Americans start dating one person seriously or exclusively after 6 to 8 dates. That time frame can move quickly, especially if you are seeing that individual more than once a week. Since the dating process often times moves at a rapid pace, it is imperative to be cautious with you heart, and safety.

Many may wonder, How can I detect signs that I may be a victim? Research suggests if you see extreme changes in the person you are dating behavior, a demand for all of your time, forms of punishment from the person such as: silent treatment, shouting, unreturned calls because you showed them less attention, or overly narcissistic behavior could be tell-tale signs.

If you find yourself in a situation such as this, don’t assume responsibility for someone else’s behavior, and accept the issues between you and the person you are dating may not be rectifiable.

So before you swipe right on Tender or setup your next round of speed dating, remember love usually takes time to develop. Statistics on marriage indicate most men don’t start thinking about marriage until at least one year of dating. Also, you don’t have to rush dating it is okay to take your time, and if something seems to be good to be true it likely is.