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While interviewing a white supremacist after the Charlottesville rally that ended in the death of Heather Heyer, Afro-Latina journalist Ilia Calderon was threatened by a local KKK leader Chris Barker. He threatened her with racial slurs as well as mass murder.

The reporter saw a group of white supremacists on the Klansman’s property and she asked for an interview. That was when the threats and insults were made towards her.

“We have nothing here in America — ya’ll keep flooding it,” Barker said. “But like God says – like Yahweh himself says – we will chase you out of here.”

When Calderon questioned him whether he was truly going to chase her out, he changed his statement.

“No, we’re going to burn you out,” Barker vowed. When asked how he planned on getting rid of all non-white immigrants in the United States, he invoked the Holocaust.

“We killed six million Jews the last time,” he said. “Eleven million is nothing.”

— ‘I’m not even f*cking white!’: Hispanic white nationalist explains joining KKK