Bannon on Trump: ‘No administration in history has been so divided’

Steve Bannon is out of the White House, but in an interview upon his exit, he placed the blame for a divided Trump administration squarely on the Republican Party.

Bannon, who recently parted ways with Donald Trump’s White House, said that the reason behind much of the inability of the administration to get anything done was a divided party, with Republicans trying to appease both the moderates in their party and the nationalists.

In a statement to the Washington Post, Bannon said that Trump was still working on his legislative agenda but that repeated legislative failures along with political hurdles like the fallout from Charlottesville have prevented him from moving forward on the promises that he made to the more nationalist-minded Republican voters.

Bannon also said that Republicans who stood against Trump had better prepare for war with the administration.

“If the Republican Party on Capitol Hill gets behind the president on his plans and not theirs, it will all be sweetness and light, be one big happy family,” said Bannon. “No administration in history has been so divided among itself about the direction about where it should go.”

Since leaving the White House, Bannon has already returned to Brietbart, which has promised war against those who stand against Trump.