Popeye’s employees stop customers from assaulting pregnant manager

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A viral video has hit the internet showing Popeye’s employees fighting with customers behind the counter. The owner of the restaurant, Vedo Kemraj says that his staff was just defending their pregnant manager who was being kicked in the stomach.

According to Kemraj the unidentified manager is seven and a half months pregnant and was taken to the hospital after the brawl and had to stay overnight in order to have the baby monitored.

Kemraj has been an owner for over 17 years and says he has never seen anything like this fight. Especially considering the pregnant worker was defenseless and not long from giving birth.

“If you see someone is pregnant, you’re not going to hit them. I don’t get that. Hopefully, she is going to be OK,” he said before adding that the fight began when a group of four female Texas State University students came through the drive-thru wanting four separate meals.

The employee taking their order “asked (them) very nicely if they can place their order inside” since it was complicated, said Kemraj.

“When the customers came inside, they started arguing with my general manager and went to the back of the counter and started fighting,” he said.

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Even though the manager repeatedly told the students she was pregnant they continued to hit her. That’s when other staff joined the fray to try to chase off the four students.

A spokesperson with the San Marcos Police Department told the media that they received a call just before 9:30 pm on Tuesday and quickly responded.

The call notes say that there was “mutual combat between employees and unidentified females who left before officer’s arrival.”

“The people on scene did not want to press any charges (and) EMS was called to the scene but did not transport anyone.”

Texas State University has said they are looking into the incident and are not able to confirm whether the group of girls involved are students there.

The video of the confrontation was retweeted more than 11,000 times and liked 18,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday night. It has since been deleted.