Brace yourself: Trump to discuss race in 1-on-1 meeting with Sen. Tim Scott

Last August, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to respond to President Trump’s ‘both sides’ statement following the racist terrorism in Charlottesville.

“We need our president to sit down with folks who have a personal experience – a deep connection to the horror and the pain of this country’s provocative racial history,” Scott declared to host John Dickerson.

“Folks,” as in black folks – apparently as in Tim Scott. The South Carolina senator will meet with President Trump Wednesday to discuss issues impacting African-Americans according to a source with knowledge of the meeting.

Scott has been pretty adamant in his criticism of Trump’s comments following Charlottesville. He told Vice News’ Shawna Thomas bluntly that he would not “defend the indefensible.”

The purpose of the meeting is for Scott to share his thoughts on issues facing people of color, according to the source. In April, 2016, Scott delivered an emotional floor speech about being targeted by police for being black. He recalled being pulled over seven times in one year as an elected official.

Earlier this year, the Congressional Black Caucus marked Trump’s first 100 days in office by releasing a list of 100 actions his administration had taken that negatively affected people of color.

After meeting with CBC leaders in March, caucus members refused to attend a follow-up meeting in June citing the lack of response to the group’s demands and concerns.

Scott, who declined to join the CBC, endorsed Marco Rubio in the primary. He did support Donald Trump in November’s election:

You’re either for Hillary Clinton or against Hillary Clinton. If you’re opposed to Hillary Clinton, there’s only one choice – that’s Donald Trump.