Facebook developing reality show about Marshawn Lynch

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Even die hard fans don’t know a lot about Marshawn Lynch but that might all change soon because Facebook is developing a reality show based on his life.

The running back came out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders earlier this year. Oakland is the city he was raised in and the one he continues to invest in.

He has never said much in front of reporters but has said plenty when cameras are rolling for commercials.

He just likes to do things his own way.

— For the first time in more than 40 years, I did not watch one NFL game this weekend — 

The new program is called No Script and he did the show with Bleacher Report but Facebook has paid millions to exclusively stream the content.

“We think we have a big hit on our hands,” said Rory Brown, president of Bleacher Report. “People are going to spend more time on Facebook because of it.”

There are eight episodes in all and each is 10-15 minutes long. It will start streaming this month. After an agreed upon length of time Facebook’s exclusivity rights fall away and Bleacher Report will begin to stream the show as well.

Lynch is reported to be hilarious and the things he does sound fun, like driving a race car, so this could draw a lot of eyeballs to Facebook.