Music video depicts Blacks hanged in front of Trump White House

african kings

On Wednesday, the rock group Prophets of Rage released a music video for the song “Hail to the Chief” that depicts Black people being hanged in front of the White House.

The video, which compares President Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, shows the words “Trump Tower” in the White House while a line of Black men are hanged from the gallows.

“Hovering over / Looking over the shoulder / Suspense suspect / Who got next game / Hanging us by the necks / Hold onto your purses and wallets / By George, he’s the new Wallace / Show no shame, no malice / Wondering who’s this new Alice,” Prophets of Rage sing in the video.

Later in the video, Chuck D raps, “All hail to the chief who came in the name of a thief to cease peace,” while Trump’s face is superimposed over Hitler doing the Nazi salute.

This is not the first time the group, which is made up of members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill, has criticized Trump. Last year, Chuck D said that Trump was “out of his mind,” and this month, Tim Commerford slammed the reversal of DACA, claiming any Trump supporters were simply “racist.”

The song “Hail to the Chief” is part of the group’s self-titled album, which was released on Sept. 15.