Zerina Akers talks fall fashion and becoming one the industry’s hottest stylists

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Zerina Akers knows a hot look when she sees one and when she creates one.

When it comes to fashion, she’s been the “go to” stylist for many celebrities such as: Beyoncé Knowles-CarterYara Shahidi, Ava Duvernay, and Parkwoods Ent R&B Duo/ sisters Chloe x Halle. From interning at W Magazine to styling iconic women in the industry, Akers exudes the energy of someone who loves what she does.

During a recent episode of TheGrio Live, Akers chatted with The Grio’s very own Natasha Alford, to discuss style tips for the fall, navigating through the fashion industry and serving as an Ambassador for Dove Invisible Dry Spray.

Akers explains when it comes to styling her clients or whoever she is collaborating with, it is important to bring out that little bit of joy. 

“It really starts with the woman or the man, whoever they are,” says Akers. “What are they comfortable with, where are they in their career, what do they want to be, what do they want to become. And try to really push it to the next step.”

“Everyone has body issues, everyone has something that they might like or something they may not like about themselves. Something that they want to show, something that they don’t want to show. So, I always try to respect that and enhance it and make it fun.”



Akers is a D.C. native who says in her early career, she was often alone in one respect:

“I remember starting and being the only black woman in the office and I was an intern,” says Akers. “This was before there was even a black editor there at that time. It’s just knowing that you are here, wherever you are, you’re suppose to be there. You’re supposed to move on to the next thing,  It’s your right to do so.”

Although Akers’ portfolio is filled with respected entertainers and she has a social media following of over 30K on Instagram, she doesn’t let that get to her head.

“I’m still growing and learning as much as I can,” says Akers. “I want to do so much more. It feels great but like I said, I feel like things change ‘in one day and out the next,’ you gotta work with what it is.”

What feels really good is simply being able to do what I love to do. Whether I have 200 followers or what, you know, because I don’t necessarily think that determines success. It just feels good to do what I love.”

Not only did Akers provide us with fashion and beauty tips, she also dropped a few life gems:  

“Manage yourself and stay true to who you are in a space that may consist of different personalities, crazy bosses, and demanding editors. All of it is just lessons on how to navigate the world.”

Check out the full interview below!

Zerina’s Fall Wardrobe Tips

“I think one common misconception is thinking that color is only meant for spring,” says Akers. “I think it’s important to introduce and incorporate bright bold colors in the fall. I think it really livens up looks. Right now, the huge trend is sort of menswear suiting, plaids, and houndstooth.



“I really love to mix prints so I think mixing different tartans is really cool. It’s a way to do it that’s still subtle and professional. You can be appropriate in the office and still kind of go out with cocktails with your girls.”

Zerina’s Fashion and Beauty Solves

  • Avoid dealing with pesky white marks and trying to remove the stain using various methods – dryer sheets, rubbing fabric together, sponges, etc. – by using Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It goes on invisible to leave no white marks on 100 colors of clothing.
  • When garments start to pill from the wash, you can remove the fuzz with a razor. Simply run the razor lightly over the area and then carefully remove the pieces that collect in the razor. Repeat until all the pills are gone!
  • Did you just NEED to have those leather loafers that were on sale but maybe just half a size too small? Put on a pair of thick socks and slip your feet into the shoes. Take a hairdryer and on medium heat, start to warm up the shoes. This will help the leather stretch and mold to your feet.
  • If your shoes are rubbing in very specific areas, I suggest using Moleskin. It’s just like a soft fabric with tape on the back. You can put it on the back of your shoes to prevent blisters, or, if you’re wearing hats in the summer, it saves you from getting deep lines on your forehead.
  • Have a run in your stockings? Prevent it from growing bigger with hairspray. Simply spray the area where the run started and it will hold the fabric together.