During an interview on theGrio LIVE, Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary got a little political while promoting the final season of their hit reality show.

When asked about their thoughts on Donald Trump‘s presidency and America’s division, words were certainly not minced.

“The enemy has good PR, and so we talk about him a lot and what he does. We talk about his devastation and how he’s wreaking havoc [but] God is still in control,” said Erica Campbell. “He is still on the throne.”

The older sister of the two also cautioned to African American that “there are still good people in this world.”

“Everybody is not against us. We have a president who is very loud and vocal about what he does not like. But every white person is not the devil. We are still the human race. If you cut us we all bleed the same thing.”

Grio LIVE host Gerren Keith Gaynor also asked Tina Campbell about a controversial open letter she published earlier this year, in which she explained why she forgives and supports President Trump, and asked the country to pray for him and his success.

“I don’t care to defend what I said. For anybody who has an opinion, have it. I put mine out there and that’s all I wanted to say,” Tina said.

“I’m not pro what Trump is doing..at all. I didn’t like either one of the candidates if I can be honest. If there was another choice I would have picked another choice, but there was not another choice. There were some specific views as it pertains to my christianity that made me decide I’m not going to vote for the other candidate.”

“Did I agree with everything that the candidate that I chose is doing? Good lawd no,” she added.

“I think some of the things that are happening now are completely appalling. It’s like do you even respect this office? Do you even care for this country? It’s not about the greater good of the people.”

She continued:

I think the disunity in the country has a lot to do with the fact that we’re making people enemies. We’re making this country and this person an enemy, we’re making white and black the enemy, we’re making rich and poor the enemy. The enemy is the devil. That’s who the enemy is. And so I choose to be mad at the devil, and I choose to fight on my knees.

I believe that when we fight on our knees God gives us strategy on how to utilize our platform, how to change the laws, how to rally the forces and make a difference, and whatever it is that our government is not doing. Maybe we can be the ones to do it in place of it. I believe in falling down to your knees and ask God what am I supposed to do and how am I supposed to use all that I am to glorify you.

I ain’t Black first, I ain’t a woman first. I’m a Christian first. I’m a child of God and my allegiance is to God first.

You can watch another portion of the interview below in which the ladies of Mary Mary talk living their lives on TV.