(Photo: YouTube and Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Montia Sabbag, the woman seen on stills of a sexually provocative video with Kevin Hart, is reportedly working with the comedian, through their lawyers, to find the person extorting them both.

Sabbag’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, confirmed that she has been in contact with Hart’s lawyer and that they are on the same side in the investigation.

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“Right after the weekend in Las Vegas I think they had some contact, but since the extortionist came out with these images, it’s all been through attorneys,” Bloom said. “I’ve spoken to Kevin’s attorney and established a friendly relationship. We’re on the same side, he agrees, and there doesn’t need to be any hostility or animosity. Let’s just catch the criminal who did this.”

Bloom continued that Sabbag is being treated as a victim in the case, as neither Sabbag nor Hart were aware that they were being filmed during their sexual encounter, and both are being extorted over the incident.

“They clearly are treating her as a crime victim and not as a suspect, which is appropriate,” Bloom said. “They are also taking the case very seriously — they were very respectful to us and we were very respectful to them.”