Ivana Trump has high hopes for her daughter Ivanka, writing in her new book, “Maybe in fifteen years, she could run for president?” She goes on to say that while she has no desire to be First Lady, the idea of being First Mother tickles her fancy.

The book is titled, “Raising Trump,” and in it, she writes about her 15-year marriage to President Trump and her infamous blow up with Marla Maples, the mistress that Trump went on to marry.

Trump made a good first impression on Ivana when they met in a Manhattan restaurant. He paid the check and chauffeured her back to her hotel.

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“My instincts told me that Donald was smart and funny — an all-America good guy,” Ivana Trump said.

In a new interview with CBS News, Ivana spoke of how Trump offered to appoint her as the ambassador to the Czech Republic. That is where she was born and raised but she turned him down.

She loves her life the way it is now, calling it “perfect.”