Evening Standard magazine apologizes for cropping out Solange’s braids

Britain’s Evening Standard, the British magazine that Solange called out for photo editing out her braided crown, has issued an apology to the singer for the gaffe.

“We were delighted to have the chance to interview the wonderful Solange Knowles and photograph her for this week’s edition of ES magazine. It is therefore a matter of great regret that the finished cover artwork of the magazine caused concern and offence,” the newspaper said.

“The decision to amend the photograph was taken for layout purposes but plainly we made the wrong call and we have offered our unreserved apologies to Solange.”

–Solange calls out magazine for altering her hair in cover shot–

Solange recently called the newspaper out on social media, posting the original picture of herself with an elaborate braided crown that was taken out of the final cover image. She captioned the image of herself with the braided crown “dtmh,” an abbreviation for “Don’t Touch My Hair,” which is also the title of a song on her recent album.

“I think I’ve been on so many fashion shoots and anything in regards to fashion, which is still a predominantly white industry, and also feeling the void of tokenism through my hair being an Afro and what that meant to the fashion world,” she explained last year in speaking about “Don’t Touch My Hair.”

“So, the song is as much as what it feels like to have your whole identity challenged on a daily basis, although physically touching the hair is extremely problematic!”