Netflix cancels ‘House of Cards’ as Twitter erupts over Kevin Spacey controversy

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Netflix has pulled the plug on House of Cards as national controversy surrounds the show’s star, Kevin Spacey.

Just one day after the actor was publicly called out for allegedly seducing a 14-year-old boy in 1986, the streaming service announced the show would end after its sixth season.

Buzzfeed broke the story from Star Trek: Discovery actor, Anthony Rapp who says the Oscar-winning actor made unwanted sexual advances toward him.

Spacey responded to the allegations with a public apology on social media and took the opportunity to confirm that he is a homosexual, despite having dodged the issue of his sexuality for decades. He also relegated the alleged sexual assault as “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”

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So basically… he doesn’t remember if he sexually assaulted a teenager but if he did then his bad. He was wasted. But thanks for pointing this out because now he knows for sure he wants to finally come out of the closet because #bravery and #proud.


We weren’t the only ones troubled by the news. Plenty of people felt he was trying to manipulate the public by outing himself to overshadow the assault allegations and folks were not having it.  Now, everyone from fans to Hollywood insiders to community leaders are weighing in on social media.

GLAAD president & CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, spoke out as well: