Comedian Stephen Colbert and the internet tore up Donald Trump Jr. for apparently not knowing that Election Day was on Tuesday.

Colbert joked that Trump Jr. had apparently started tweeting before “he had his morning cup of hair gel,” because Trump’s oldest son was telling people to get out the vote “tomorrow,” despite the fact that he was tweeting on Election Day.

“Let’s take @EdWGillespie across the finish line tomorrow! Virginia: get out and vote for Ed & entire @GOP ticket #VAGov #VA,” Trump Jr. tweeted on Tuesday morning, a message that was repeated later on in the day.

Colbert then joked that it was a “fine thing to tweet, except the election was today, not tomorrow. #Whoopsiedaisy #Turnsoutericwasthesmartone.”

The comedian proceeded to take a look at Trump Jr.’s attempt to clean up the mess, including a series of tweets saying that people needed to vote on Tuesday and one that urged voters to the polls “TODY.”

“This is rapidly devolving. I’m assuming his next tweet is gonna be, ‘Please vote for Ted Galoshes for Gov of Vagina! Also somebody help — I got my head stuck in my pocket,'” Colbert quipped.

Despite support from Trump Jr. as well as the president himself, Gillespie was in fact defeated in his gubernatorial race, with the election results being touted by Democrats as a repudiation of Trump and his supporters.