Maxine Waters: ‘Trump is coming for me’

The California politician says alt-right nationalists are on a mission to unseat her

The California politician says alt-right nationalists are on a mission to unseat her

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters hasn’t been quiet about her criticism of the Trump administration, and it seems that Donald Trump and his allies are worried about it enough to try and unseat her.

In a fundraising email entitled “Trump is coming for me – I need your help,” Waters explained the alt-right strategy for trying to run her out of the next elections.

In the email, Waters said, “Trump is sending his allies and white nationalists, partnered with a new Political Action Committee (PAC) called “Rebuilding America Now,” to Los Angeles in an effort to defeat me in 2018. The pro-Trump PAC has already spent over a million dollars and plans to spend even more to run a smear campaign against me next year.”

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The email details the plan to “divide our communities along racial and cultural lines” and called out the likes of Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio as all teaming up to support her opponent, Omar Navarro, as well as another Republican, Frank Demartini, who has been published in Breitbart.

In calling for donations and support, Waters explained that her supporters couldn’t be idle.

“In California, we have what is known as a ‘jungle primary.’ This means that the top two candidates with the most votes advance to the general election, regardless of their party. Donald Trump and his friends have decided that they will unleash all of their racist, alt-right fanatics and white nationalists in Los Angeles to attack me on air and across social media. They are counting on catching voters off guard who believe that I am in a safe seat,” she wrote.

“No seat is safe and no vote can be taken for granted.”

It seems the fight for 2018 is already kicking into high gear.