Texan country singer Neal McCoy played a new song for an audience last week and the song is titled “Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take A Knee),” and it’s pretty clear he was referring to the NFL protests.

The song was also streamed on Facebook Live and has gotten over 3 million views to date. The country singer says that he didn’t write the song, that was a friend, and before he sang it he warned people that there is a “bad word in it,” apparently referring to the word a**.

While there were plenty of people who loved the song, others were a little confused or at least pretended to be, at the comma in the title. They couldn’t help but ask him if he meant his a** was being asked to take a knee.

Whatever he meant, the message seems to have been a little lost in translation.

Read some of the most savage comments below.

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