Joy Behar on The View: ‘If Franken has to resign, then Trump needs to resign’

On Monday, The View co-host Joy Behar said that if Senator Al Franken has to resign over the sexual misconduct against him, Trump too should be forced to resign.

The hosts were discussing the Franken situation after a second woman came forward accusing the Senator of “inappropriately touching her” in 2010.

She said she felt the accusations were the equivalent of Trump and his Access Hollywood “locker room talk.”

“But to ask him [Franken] to resign…I don’t know if that’s the appropriate response either. No senator has been asked to resign ever,” Sunny Hostin stated. “The last time someone was expelled from the senate I think it was like 155 years ago. But what is the response? What do you do when you have a sitting senator or a sitting president having been accused of some sort of sexual immorality?”

“If Franken has to resign, then Trump needs to resign,” Joy Behar said. “Because he’s just as guilty of harassing women. And he has 16 accusers so far. And you know when you listen to the Republican party what they’re saying is Roy Blunt senator from whenever he’s from Alabama. He said the Trump thing — the voters have spoken. They knew about these allegations and they still voted for him. That has nothing to do with ethics and morality and what the president allegedly did. And President Clinton was impeached correctly and probably as Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand said he should have resigned.”

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“No, I’m sorry that’s ridiculous,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected. “When someone resigns everything gets put under the carpet. He needed to have to fess up to whatever was going on at the time. And to say he should have resigned makes no sense.”

“If we’re talking about Bill Clinton he paid the price,” Hostin added. “What has been striking to me with Donald Trump is 16 women have come forward and accused him of varying behavior, of varying degrees. He himself has said you can grab women by the genitals and get away with it.”

The hosts then wondered aloud why no one has been hearing about those women lately.

“I think we heard quite a bit from them,” Goldberg said. “Not lately. I do recall there was sort of a kind of veiled threat of lawsuits. And quite honestly, listen, we’re hearing a lot of different stuff from a lot of different people. I think a lot of these women don’t want to be judged anymore.”

“But Trump he also threatened to sue these women,” Behar stated. “You know what he doesn’t want to sue them. Because if it’s a lawsuit they will really be telling things that he doesn’t want out there and that’s why he hasn’t done it.”