Daring shoppers plan to wear Walmart uniform to get away with freebies on Black Friday?

Online ads selling employee vests for shopping scheme go viral

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Some employees are getting entrepreneurial and selling their Walmart vests for as little as $20 to hopeless shoppers looking for a come up on Black Friday.

The online scheme would allow non-Walmart employees to wear the uniform and walk out the door undetected without paying for a thing.

A post on Facebook captioned, “Walmart vest for sale $20 wear it and walk right out the door without paying on Black Friday.”

This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. Each year there are ads like this that pop up on social media around Thanksgiving. They often go viral considering many people are simply desperate for a good Black Friday deal, let alone for free.

Unfortunately for those brave enough to buy the uniform and give the plan a shot, they won’t get far because employees are searched.

Social media, however, is having a ball with these ads, with one woman on Facebook saying, “I️ have an old name badge to go with it for 30.00 bucks…There has to be an Angela at every Walmart!”

Facebook user, Zach, is looking to make more than just $20, posting “Walmart vest for sale. 80 dollars…Walk right in, Get what u want and walk right out on Black Friday. I’m willing to negotiate.”

The Facebook account called The City Of Dyersburg was willing to put a damper on things writing, “If you think for one hot second that you are gonna get on Ebay and buy a Walmart vest for $14.99 with free next day shipping just so you can go to the Black Friday sale and load your buggy down and walk right out the door, you dead wrong!”