‘Now you’re in The Sunken Place’: Jordan Peele reacts to Tiger Woods’ golfing with Donald Trump

Jordan Peele always has something interesting to say on Twitter so his latest is nothing surprising. You might remember him responding to the genre classification arguments about his breakout smash hit Get Out by saying, “Get Out is a documentary,” for example, but now he has his sights set on Donald Trump.

In a reference to his own hit movie, he is lashing out at not just the president but also the celebrities that Trump has been spending time with lately.

Yesterday, on Black Friday, Trump spent the day going golfing once again with friends. His choice of companions, or rather their choice of companions has surprised some people.

Take Tiger Woods, for example, that was one of the famous friends he golfed with after Thanksgiving. This isn’t the first time Trump and Woods have spent time together either, it has been reported that the pair had tried to build a golf course together before the project got sidelined.

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This is not to say that Woods is a die-hard Trump supporter, however, as he has golfed with former President Barack Obama in the past as well. That said, people are still losing it a little over his latest choice in golfing buddy.

Trump tweeting about the golf session didn’t help either as everyone knows this kind of things just feeds the president’s ego.

Back to Peele though, he summed up the situation with just a few words and they were really on point.

He simply tweeted, “Now you’re in The Sunken Place.”

See? On point.