House of Cards is still going to have its sixth and final season, but Kevin Spacey won’t be involved.

Spacey has been hit with a slew of accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault, leading Netflix to cut all ties with him. There have been rumors that House of Cards would continue without Spacey and that his character might even be killed off entirely.

According to Variety, at least part of the rumors are true. Spacey will not be on House of Cards, but the show will get its sixth season, albeit a much shorter one, with only eight episodes instead of the usual thirteen.

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The sixth season will focus on Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood character without Spacey’s Frank Underwood.

After Spacey was hit with the allegations of sexual assault, production on the show was paused, though producers promised that the crew would still be paid while they were on hiatus. But now, it looks like things are ready to get rolling again once the holiday season is over, and House of Cards will return in 2018.

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