Twitter drags Rachel Dolezal yet again over ‘Black history’ calendar

The black-identifying white woman awkwardly poses for portrait calendar

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Rachel Dolezal just won’t go away.

The woman who infamously pretended to be Black despite being born white has released a calendar full of “black history facts.”

The calendar features Dolezal, who claims to identify as Black (although she is in fact white) and now goes by Nkechi Amare Diallo, posing in various pictures for each month of the year.

The calendar also features such words of wisdom as “stay woke and ready to change the world” and “living in full colour means stepping outside of the boxes prescribed by society and following the nature of your soul.”

Somehow, this calendar has already sold out, so if you were thinking of getting a calendar full of “black history facts,” you apparently need to look somewhere else.

You can check out some of Twitter’s best reactions to the calendar below.