A high school student’s family shocked her boyfriend when they gave him a car for Christmas.

Madison Duke and Chris Hunt, of Dallas, Texas, have only been dating for 11 months, but Madison wanted to surprise him for Christmas.

So, she told him that they needed to stop by an auto repair shop, only for them to meet up with her parents standing in front of a black car with a bow on it.

“Merry Christmas Chris. The car’s all yours,” she said as her parents prompted him to try it out.

Chris can be seen on the video of the Christmas surprise, which was uploaded to Twitter, clutching his chest in pure surprise as he says, “No, I can’t.”

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But, at the family’s urging, he gets in the car and takes it for a spin.

Chris later said that he had been going through a hard time when Madison’s family decided to surprise him. He also said that he had a suspicion something was going to happen: “I knew something was going on because one day Madison was just so happy, and she kept saying ‘Santa’s coming to town. Santa’s coming to town’. I was like, what are you talking about?”

Chris and Madison now have a vlogging channel together on YouTube, though the interracial couple have been flooded with racist comments. Madison said that the reaction “disgust[ed]” her, especially the death threats that they have faced since they posted their first clip.