Maxine Waters throws ultimate shade at Trump after Alabama defeat

Auntie Maxine sticks it to Trump and Fox News over Roy Moore's stunning loss

Democrats are rejoicing after the stunning upset in the Alabama senate race that saw President Trump’s Republican pick, Roy Moore, an accused pedophile, lose to Doug Jones.

Among those Democrats gloating over Moore’s loss is none other than “Auntie” Maxine Waters. The California congresswoman took to Twitter to stick it to Trump.

“How many diet cokes did Trump consume while he gulped and waited for the defeat of his pedophile candidate?? #swishswish,” Rep. Waters tweeted shortly after the election results.

She also took aim at Fox News for being “quiet” about Moore’s defeat.

“Fox News, why are you so damn quiet now? Knowing everything, lying on everybody, bullying everybody, claiming to be holy, righteous and loving America more than anybody else. Speak up now – admit you just got your butt kicked royally and MORE to come,” she wrote.

Congresswoman Waters never holds anything back.