‘Saturday Night Live’ now has its first Black head writer

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Michael Che is the new head writer for Saturday Night Live.

In the 43 season life of the show, this is the first time that SNL has had a Black head writer at the helm, and we’re already excited about the possibilities.

For example, in a hilarious sketch this weekend, Che went “undercover” as a liberal white woman named Gretchen, where he discovered the privileges that white woman enjoy, like eating a lot of pizza, drinking wine in the middle of the day without being judged for it, and randomly receiving money from their parents.

He also encountered the problems that all women face, such as a manspreader on the subway and a mansplainer complaining about how hard white men have it. He even found himself hugging his purse when he was alone in an elevator with a man.

The whole sketch is comedy gold and definitely worth the watch, and we hope that with Che running the show, there will be more like it.

Colin Jost, Che’s partner on “Weekend Update,” will be Che’s co-head writer. This isn’t the first time Jost has held that position, as he had the post from 2012 to 2015. The current head writers, Bryan Tucker and Kent Sublette, will also remain.

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