EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Heavenly hits her limit on ‘Married To Medicine’

When Dr. Simone invites the ladies to explore Voodoo, Dr. Heavenly isn't here for any diversion from Christianity.

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This week’s episode of Married To Medicine will deliver drama in ways we’ve never seen on the show.

Their girl’s trip to New Orleans hasn’t been as “healing” as they had hoped, so Dr. Simone Whitmore decided to try a little magic of her own.

When she invites the ladies to explore Voodoo, not everyone is on-board. Dr. Heavenly isn’t here for any kind of diversion from traditional Christianity. “This shit ain’t right,” she says.

“We have tried everything under the sun,” says Simone. “Ain’t none of that shit worked.”

Despite Simone’s pleas to try something new, Heavenly has clearly had it.

Check out their heated exchange in the exclusive clip.