Jemele Hill (Photo via ESPN)

Jemele Hill knows what she said about Donald Trump, and she won’t take it back.

During an interview with former NFL star Arian Foster, Hill spoke about the tweet that got her suspended from ESPN for suggesting Trump was a white supremacist. And she’s not backing down.

“I thought everybody knew.”

Hill pointed out in the interview that when she called Trump a white supremacist, she wasn’t saying anything new.

“I thought everybody knew. I thought water was wet,” she said.

“I didn’t think I was saying anything that was shocking. It had been said before and unfortunately people comb through your replies now.”

Trump targets reporters of color

In addition to standing by her comments on Trump’s white supremacy, Hill got into a conversation with Foster about how the sitting president comes after reporters.

“You were a target by a sitting president,” Foster said. “That’s f*cking insane. The president of the United States had something to say about you.”

“That’s going in the obit, for sure,” Hill replied.

But Hill made it a point to note that she isn’t the only reporter Trump has targeted.

“Obviously, I’m not the only journalist to be attacked by him,” she said later in the interview.

“And they’re mostly colored people,” said Foster.

Hill agreed, saying, “There seems to be a commonality about all of them.”

You don’t have to look too far to find evidence of what Hill and Foster are talking about. The president recently attacked Don Lemon and claimed that he didn’t even watch his show on CNN. And American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan has had a well-documented feud with the White House.

Trump has long beat the drum of “fake news” when it comes to criticism by the media. But when that criticism also has a Black face, you can bet he seems to go out of his way to make it personal.

And Jemele Hill isn’t going to let it slide.