Paris Dennard snaps on ex-Philly mayor Michael Nutter during testy CNN panel

Dennard loses his cool yet again during live TV segment

Dennard loses his cool yet again during live TV segment

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During a panel discussion on CNN, Paris Dennard and Michael Nutter came to verbal blows.

The topic of discussion was whether or not Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians.

Dennard began his usual stump for Trump, arguing that there was no proof of collusion. The political strategist also asked why the FBI was only looking at Trump and not the Democrats for collusion.

What’s more, he pointed at the recent accusations made against the FBI, claiming that the investigation was rife with bias.

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‘Calm down, brother’

When CNN’s Pamela Brown asked Nutter for his opinion, he took a shot at Dennard, saying, “Other than his blood pressure being up this morning, that’s straight out of the usual talking points.”

“My blood pressure’s fine,” Dennard replied. “Don’t talk about my health. My blood pressure’s fine.”

When Nutter responded with, “calm down, brother,” Dennard snapped back at him.

“Don’t ‘brother, calm down’ me,” he said. “First of all, don’t talk about somebody’s health. My blood pressure is not high. Finish your point if you have one.”

During the exchange, Dennard also shot a “Merry Christmas” toward Nutter when Nutter said “happy holidays.”

Nutter did go on to make his point on the panel by talking about the ongoing status of the Russia investigation. He noted the “unfocused and undisciplined” behavior exhibited by the president, as well as the indictments against four Trump officials.

“The bottom line is: he has the lowest approval rating of anyone in modern times,” Nutter said. “At some point, he’ll actually accept that he did win the election. He has to govern and not just talk to the people who like him.”

“That’s what happens after you get elected,” he added. “Not staying focused on battling every old fight from a year or two ago. And that’s why his approval rating is in the dump.”