Fox News admits job growth was stronger under Obama than Trump

President Donald Trump does a lot of talking about how great he has been for job growth and how he has been breaking records and doing better than Obama at, well everything. The problem is that’s not actually true.

The official monthly jobs report for this past December was a let down with the Labor Department estimating that the economy added only 148,000 jobs in the last month of 2017. It doesn’t end there either.

When you look at the big picture the average monthly job growth in 2017 was just 171,000 jobs per month, way down from the 187,000 jobs that were added each month in 2016 when Obama was still President.

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Trump’s low 171,000 jobs was the lowest average monthly job growth since 2010 when only 88,000 jobs were added to the economy each month. That, however, was to be expected as the country was trying to pull out of a massive recession.

Here’s where it gets more interesting and possibly painful for President Trump. The Fox News research team actually posted the number of average monthly job gains on Twitter and it looked really bad for Trump.

The tweet was met with silence from Trump supporters but it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of social media with plenty of people mocking Fox for actually acknowledging something that is true. While it must be hard for Trump to have it pointed out that job growth in Obama’s last six years was far better, it must have been just as painful for many Fox News correspondents as well.

Check out some of the savage comments from Twitter for yourself, they are definitely worth a read.