Young Hollywood defends racist remarks against Amara La Negra: ‘She’s a beautiful girl’

Music producer majorly fails at attempt to clear his name

Love & Hip Hop Miami star, Young Hollywood, has been dragged for filth ever since he made racist remarks to Amara La Negra on the series’ premiere episode.

Now, the fool who had the nerve to call her a “Nutella Queen” has taken to social media in an attempt to clear his name. The only problem is that his defense is even dumber than he is.

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“Amara is a beautiful girl. But it’s sad to say that I’m not the highest peak of the totem pole. It’s just sad that some industries require certain looks for certain songs, just to appeal to certain markets…Look at me, bro! I couldn’t even be racist if I wanted to.”

“It’s not me who you should be bashing… it’s the CEOs of these companies. The CEOs of these major labels. That’s who y’all should be coming after. That’s the reason I haven’t really addressed it, because this s**t is over my head. It’s deeper than rap,” he added.

“Trust me, I’m very well-educated. I know very well where Latinos come from. The only reason we have light skinned Latinos is because their ancestors were raped by the Spaniards. Trust me, I know my history. Don’t get it twisted… I’m not stupid or ignorant like that.”

Ummm…yes, you really are.

It doesn’t sound like Amara La Negra is buying his BS defense, either. During a recent interview with Us Weekly, she explained what really went down.

“Every single word that came out of Young Hollywood’s mouth, he really meant. Even when I saw him outside of scenes, I was like, ‘Dude, what was that about? Did you really mean that?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, what’s the problem?’”

Now that she has signed a multi-album deal with BMG, she can’t wait to throw it in his smug face.

“That just makes me strong, and I so want to put it in his face like, ‘You see? The way that you think is not necessarily the truth. Watch this. Watch me work.’”