PHOTOS: Amara La Negra’s beauty is undeniable, so haters can kick rocks

The Dominican siger has been vocal about her Afro-Latina roots and is not backing down


Amara La Negra is making headlines after fighting back against haters who accused the brown-skinned beauty of donning blackface.

The Miami-born singer of Dominican descent has been vocal about her Afro-Latina roots, and she’s not backing down from her critics.

Last week, she posted a video of herself as a child that proves she has been proudly rocking her natural look her entire life.

The Love & Hip Hop Miami star made her small screen debut on the Vh1 series and was immediately forced to defend her look to a producer who called her a “Nutella Queen.” THe producer also asked her to look “a little bit more Beyoncé, a little less Macy Gray” and insisted she couldn’t be elegant in an afro.

Since so many folks feel the need to hate on the gorgeous girl’s look, we’ve compiled a few fabulous snapshots that show off her breathtaking beauty.

Charming Child

Star From The Start

She Is Not Her Hair


A head wrap never looked so good.

Inner Beauty


Amara La Negra knows beauty’s only skin-deep.

Future Cover Girl?


We’re thinking her flawless face deserves a Cover Girl contract.

Mommy’s Girl


What’s more beautiful than the bond between mother and daughter?

Taking a Stand


Amara La Negra is ready to fight the power.

In Good Company


Amara poses with another famous Afro-Latina beauty, Lala Anthony.

Pride is Powerful


Make no mistake; this girl is a proud Latina.

Throwback Style


Although Amara La Negra is known for her signature afro, she has experimented with other hairstyles in the past.