Police evidence in Nelly rape case paints very different stories

Accuser Monique Greene says rapper threw on the bed and said ""You're gonna take this d**k"

(Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

The evidence in the alleged rape case against Nelly has now been released.

According to TMZ, the evidence includes surveillance video of Monique Greene getting onto a tour bus with Nelly and leaving a Seattle nightclub. Video footage also shows the moment she left the bus and then called the police to report a rape.

Greene claimed that Nelly had raped her but refused to testify, which is primarily the reason the case was dropped. With the case closed, then, the police released the evidence.

Very different versions of what happened

The police evidence included the records of what Nelly and Greene each said happened that night on the bus.

Nelly said that Greene had removed her own clothing and that they had consensual oral and vaginal sex. He admitted to not using a condom but said he did not ejaculate. He also said that Greene only became upset when she accused him of being involved with someone else on the bus. He admitted to giving her $100 but said that he handed it to her instead of throwing it at her, as Greene claimed he did.

As for Greene, she had a different story.

She said that Nelly forcibly removed her pants, threw her onto the bed, and told her, “You’re gonna take this d**k.” She said that the forcible sex lasted 30 minutes, during which time he repeatedly told her, “That’s my p***y.” She also claimed that he ejaculated inside her as well as on her backside and front.

According to Greene, Nelly offered her $2,500 and asked her to stay on the bus until their next stop. However, she said that she told him she wasn’t a prostitute. At that point, she said, she was thrown off the bus, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her.

With the case dropped, Nelly has said that he intends to sue Greene.