In a recent segment on CNN, Pastor Mark Burns, a member of the president’s evangelical board, attempted to offer a biblical defense for Trump’s comments regarding brown and black nations being “sh**hole countries.”

In mere moments he was shot down. Hard.

“The Bible clearly says, in First Timothy, chapter 5, verse eight,” Pastor Mark Burns began, before Urban Radio’s White House correspondent April Ryan, cut him off.

“I’ve grown up in church so let’s be clear!” Ryan said, which got a “praise God” from Pastor Mark Burns.

“A man who does not take care of his own home, his own home, their own people, is worse than an infidel,” the televangelist stated, paraphrasing a Bible verse. “We have somehow forgotten that in America.”

Once scripture was brought up, Ryan and Burns were competing to get their points across. Ryan brought up another famous verse from the Bible, “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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“Pastor, please,” host Erin Burnett said before turning to CNN analyst Kirsten Nelson.

“What you just were quoting was about the government,” Nelson stated.

“We’re talking about the people coming over. What you’re basically saying is if you come from a sh**hole country that you’re a sh**hole person. That’s not correct.”

“This country is filled with people who came from terrible countries, terrible governments and they fled here and they came here,” the analyst went on.

“That’s the exact kind of people I think a pastor would be saying, we would want them to come to the country, and they’ve been major contributors to this country.”

Pastor Mark Burns was forced to admit that as a church leader, it is his job to help the poor and the homeless.

“But don’t let them into your home, God forbid,” Burnett said sarcastically.

Watch the exchange for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments.