(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Trump’s first year as president has been a tumultuous one and the polls haven’t been kind to the man who campaigned to America great again. Throughout his presidency, Trump’s approval ratings have been the lowest of any president in modern history both in terms of personal matters and his policies.

And according to an ABC News poll by Langer Research Associates, the American public seems to be split evenly when it comes to their opinion on whether Trump is mentally stable or not.

While half of Americans feel President Donald Trump is mentally stable, 73 percent of those polled disagree with his opinion that he is a genius. Seventy percent say that he does not act presidential and two-thirds feel that he is harming his own presidency by spending too much time with his inflammatory Twitter posts.

It doesn’t end there either, with 52 percent of people polled seeing him as biased against black people, which soars to 79 percent among black people themselves.

Donald Trump’s approval ratings show only 36 percent in favor of his job performance one year into his presidency, with 58 percent disapproving.

This ABC poll saw women in particular as being most critical of President Trump. Only 29 percent approve of what he has done so far which is a far cry from the 44 percent of men polled. It should also be noted that 55 percent of women doubt Trump’s mental stability.

What Trump sees as his signat, his tax reform law is unpopular among the American public. Sixty percent of those polled says it favors the wealthy with many saying it’s bad for the country in general.

A majority of people, 57 percent, say they are glad that President failed in repealing Obamacare, saying that its continuation is good.

A remarkable 87 percent are in support of the DACA immigration program that was ended by the Trump administration. That number includes two-thirds of dedicated conservatives, three-quarters of evangelical white Protestants and just as many Republicans.

When it comes to the Trump-Russia collusion story that the president has called a “witch hunt”, many feel that members of the Trump presidential campaign did collude with Russia in order to influence the election. Also, 49 percent, think that Trump himself has taken part in obstructing justice in the investigation.

The economy is however helping Trump’s approval ratings from dropping even lower with 59 percent saying the economy is in good shape which is the highest approval in 17 years. That said, only 38 percent of people polled give Trump credit with 50 percent crediting the Obama administration.