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Oprah Winfrey's Disney doll and her A Wrinkle in Time character (Courtesy of A Wrinkle in Time).

A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay hopped on Twitter to gush over the special edition Disney Barbies created in the likeness of  the characters played by Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey, and Reese Witherspoon. DuVernay’s take on the beloved tale is set to be released this Spring.

“When Disney makes Barbies of your movie’s characters and you just want to stare at them all day in disbelief because you loved Barbies as a girl but never had any like these,” she wrote.

Time out.

Mindy’s Barbie could be her doppelganger, Reese’s Barbie is over-the-moon elaborate, but that middle Barbie? In the great words of Squeak from Oprah’s star vehicle The Color PurpleWho dis woman?

We’ve all seen the A Wrinkle in Time trailers and photos that showcase the amazing hair, make-up, and costume work done for Oprah. She looks gloriously fantastic, like some  sparkling, magical being.

Oprah A Wrinkle in Time thegrio.com
Oprah, A Wrinkle in Time (Photo: Disney)


Oprah A Wrinkle in Time thegrio.com
Oprah A Wrinkle in Time (Photo: Disney)

The Barbie’s nose and lips are about right and the skin tone is a warm brown, but the body? Actually, before you get to the lower body, that neck is so spindly, Auntie O’s head might just bobble completely off of there.

There’s no denying that Oprah is a curvy woman. Have you see her at the Golden Globes or on any of her magazine covers? This Barbie is not giving body the way Oprah gives body. Looks like the Barbies aren’t available to the public just yet though, so maybe there’s still time for Mattel and Disney to get it right.

In 2016, Mattel released a set of diverse, curvy Barbies in all races wearing cute, fashionable clothes. There is presendence. They clearly know how to do this and do it correctly. Let’s do right by O. Ava’s Barbie is great. Oprah should get at least that level of accuracy.

curvy barbies thegrio.com
Curvy Barbies (Photo: Mattell)