Maxwell and Michael Eric Dyson praise Susan L. Taylor and ‘For The Love of our Children Gala’

The National CARES Mentoring Movement Third Annual ‘For the Love of Our Children’ GALA was a night of celebration and black excellence in our community. Award-winning broadcast Journalist, Tamron Hall, and Professor and best-selling Author, Michael Eric Dyson, hosted the event Monday night, in New York City. The honorees were Actress and Activist, Cicely Tyson; Minister and NAACP Leader Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II; and Activist and Founder of the “Me Too” Movement, Tarana Burke. Grammy Award Winning and Honorary Chair, Maxwell, completed the night with a special performance.

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Founder of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, Susan L. Taylor, created the movement in 2006 to break the cycle of intergenerational Black poverty through mentoring and implementing life-transforming initiatives.

“What I love about this organization is that, some of the kids who don’t even know they have hidden talents, can explore their talents with Jack and Jill, and all these various organizations that nationally look out for our young ones so that we can foster other hobbies and other agendas, says Maxwell.

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“I’m a living product of what art can make, for me to be involved in this is almost like what so many people did for me, before I thought I could even be in this position.”

Moved by Taylor’s actions to make a difference, Dyson says, “We should be taking our responsibility serious, shouldering our load, and engage in a serious warfare against the invisibility of our children, the demonization of our children, and the criminalization of our children, and the refusal to see them as worthy human beings.”

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Dyson adds, “Black lives matter but before black lives can matter we have to recognize that our children’s lives matter more and most. Therefore, we have to reach out to them, to make sure they are being protected and saved from all of the vagary and the vicious realities of the world in which they live.”

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