White sorority girl’s racist Snapchat post rocks George Washington campus

    George Washington Student theGrio.com
    (Photo: Snapchat)

    George Washington University is the latest college campus rocked by scandal after a white sorority member’s racist Snapchat post went viral.

    The post shows two white female students, with one of them holding up a banana. The caption on the photo reads, “I’m 1/16 black.”

    Naturally the photo, which was posted on the eve of Black History Month, caused outrage on the D.C. campus. George Washington’s Black student union issued a rebuke of the post, demanding the university to ensure a “racist free environment.”

    “A shame we have to start Black History Month off with racially insensitive content posted by members of our community here at GW. Unfortunately, racially charged incidents including bananas and Black students continue to arise at college campuses across the country,” read a statement from the Black student union’s Instagram account.

    “Historically, white people have dehumanized Black people to animals such as monkeys as means to justify their horrendous mistreatment which includes enslavement, and murder. This is why social media post such as tonight’s cannot be tolerated. The Black Student Union DOES NOT condone the acts occurred and we will be working to assure that the institution acts accordingly.”

    There will be an Open Mic tonight for the community to come together and voice any and all concerns.

    –EXCLUSIVE: Black Alabama student who made racist sorority video go viral talks aftermath–

    Different racist story, same sorority

    The unidentified student in the photo is a member of Alpha Phi Sorority, which is also the same sorority that was involved in a separate incident at the University of Alabama, in which a member repeatedly yelled “n*gger” in a series of racist video.

    On Thursday, George Washington University Provost Forrest Maltzman issued a statement in response to the racist Snapchat post.

    “There was an entirely inappropriate posting on social media last night. Whatever the circumstance, or true intention of those involved, the image was disturbing, hurtful and not reflective of who I know we are as a community,” the statement reads.

    “Unfortunately, we have heard and read about too many instances of racist language and imagery on college campuses. They reflect the need for an ongoing discourse about race. Universities are special places that thrive because of the diverse perspectives and background of those who study, teach, research and work on those campuses.”

    Maltzman said that the university was in talks with Alpha Phi Sorority’s national headquarters. He does not mention whether or not the student involved will face any legitimate consequences for her actions.