Faizon Love claims Kevin Hart is a better comedian than Dave Chappelle

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Faizon Love was on Sway in the Morning and during the interview, he said that Dave Chappelle doesn’t deserve the money he gets from Netflix because he was out of comedy for several years before making his comeback.

“He’s talented but is he $40 million worth?” he asked. “They were callin’ this n***a the king. Of what?”

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He went on to say that Chappelle’s Show was really only great because Charlie Murphy was on it before claiming that Kevin Hart is a better comedian than Chappelle.

“Kevin Hart is homegrown, creative by himself,” Love said. “Dave Chappelle is manufactured in Hollywood. He’s never done anything besides the show that was fire.”

Faizon Love didn’t just diss Chappelle, he went on a rant about Judd Apatow too, calling him a “b***h *ss motherf**ka.”

During the Sway interview, Love claimed that Apatow is a hypocrite because he went to Bill Cosby comedy shows with signs in hand calling Cosby a rapist but when “all the s**t came out about his homeboys” he said nothing.

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That claim isn’t entirely true if Love was referring to Harvey Weinstein because Apatow did, in fact, condemn the producer for the attacks he has been accused of.

Chappelle won his first Grammy this year for Best Comedy Album for his two Netflix specials the Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin.

“I am honored to win an award, finally. And I wanted to thank everybody at Netflix, everyone at Saturday Night Live and everyone at Chappelle Show,” he said before thanking his family. “See you on Monday.”

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Chappelle also presented the award for Best Rap Album and took a beat to acknowledge how A Tribe Called Quest was snubbed at the awards show.

At one point in the interview, Faizon Love stated that comedians shouldn’t be afraid to say some “real s**t,” claiming, “We’re here to tell you what we see.” It seems he has really taken those words to heart.