#FreeMeekMill revived after Eagles use the rapper’s song for Super Bowl entrance

Philadelphia Eagles‘ exciting win over the New England Patriots in the 2018 Super Bowl was not only a boon to the city of brotherly love, it was also a boost to the #FreeMeekMill campaign.

The Eagles used rapper Meek Mill‘s track “Dreams and Nightmares” for their hype song as they emerged from the tunnel on Super Bowl Sunday. The song has been the Eagles’ unofficial theme song all season.

Philly native Meek Mill is currently serving a two to four year prison sentence for probation violations. Mill has been on probation for a decade stemming from gun and drug charges when he was 19-years old. The case has been controversial for what some view as the judge handing down a harsh sentence for relatively minor violations. Mill’s legal team is trying to get the judge removed from the case.

The #FreeMeekMill hashtag began trending months ago, when the rapper was first incarcerated. With the Eagles win, the push for Mill’s release has been reignited. In addition to freeing him, some have called for fans to put money in Mill’s commissary until he’s released.

There were even special Free Meek Mill jerseys made.

Mill’s attorney confirmed over the weekend that the rapper would be able to watch the Super Bowl from a community room at the prison or in his cell on a television purchased from the commissary.

In advance of the championship game, Mill issued a statement about what it meant to have the Eagles using his music.


“I’m so proud of my Eagles for making the Super Bowl and representing the city of Philadelphia. It really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs and that’s why I make music—to inspire others and bring people together. But the Eagles have also motivated me with the way they’ve overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year. That’s why I’m confident my guys are going to beat the Patriots and bring the Super Bowl trophy to Philly.”