To be Black in America is to endure all the aggressions – micro, macro, and thermonuclear – on a daily basis. It’s the cross we’re forced to bear to have immaculate rhythm and look good in colored suits.

Thing is, someone decided many moons ago that we’d spend one month out of every year honoring Blackness through respect, appreciation, historical reflection, well-cooked seafood jambalaya and, this year, making fun of Tom Brady’s MAGA-ass for losing the Super Bowl. It’s the one month where being at the wrong end of those aggressions might get you socked in the mouth.

— Texas teacher wears same hairstyle as her student to prove to her she’s beautiful — 

One could argue that the current Black History Month is more poignant than ever, one year into a presidential administration that nakedly abides and feeds into racism; and just six months after a bunch of virginal white boys left their mama’s basement and took up tiki torches in one of the most publicized and organized displays of contemporary racism on American soil. Our nerves are raw, so white folks saying the wrong thing between now and March 1 might cause us to channel the spirits of the ancients and Chadwick Boseman to respond in a manner that might catch us a case.

White folks, take heed: here are seven things you shouldn’t say this month in order to avoid winding up on that Summer Jam screen:

— Black Twitter roasts TODAY show for Queen Nefertiti reconstruction that looks like a white woman — 

7Quincy Jones shouldn’t be saying all of that stuff!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – DECEMBER 16: Quincy Jones attends Buscemi x Quincy Exclusive Launch at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills on December 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Neiman Marcus)

Papa Quincy is one of the smoothest brothas to ever be wrapped in black skin. He’s such a legend, he helped create legends. Now, at almost 85, he’s insanely rich, completely bereft of damns to give and willing to spill enough tea to make the Sons of Liberty blush. If he wants to lower the veil and tell the world that the Beatles are insanely overrated, that’s his black-ass business. And since he’s probably forgotten more about music than most of us will ever learn, I believe what the man has to say.

— Justin Timberlake wrote a new song about me, and I’m not impressed —