Leslie Jones trashes Atlanta restaurant on Twitter for disrespectful service

Famed comedian says restaurant's manager 'thought it was just black people trying to get out of paying.'

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Leslie Jones was not impressed when she decided to patron at the Atlanta Fish Market.

Jones, who was in Atlanta working on “Kevin Probably Saves the World,” took to Twitter to tell the world about her terrible experience, according to WSBTV.

“Ok dam I wanted a nice meal and wow Atlanta Fish Market gave me the worse service I’ve EVER gotten. Then instead of the manager coming to make it better, he came and gave me the worse attitude EVER! I can’t believe this!” she wrote.

That’s when the official Twitter account for the Atlanta Fish Market stepped in, tweeting, “Ms. Jones, we’re very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience at the Atlanta Fish Market. We’d appreciate the opportunity to learn what happened & hopefully make things right. Our guests’ experience is our top priority, & we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.”

But Jones wasn’t about to let them try and smooth things over and let them know exactly what she thought of the experience.

“Ask your snobby manager who thought it was just black people trying to get out of paying instead of it being the bad service and terrible food. He actually said “no you just didn’t like what you ordered” um yea cause it’s nasty son! I just wanted to eat in Atlanta! Y’all ruin that,” Jones replied.

–Fans flood Leslie Jones with support after ‘die alone’ tweet, she responds–

Leslie Jones says don’t go

Jones took it one step further and then promised that she’d never go back to the restaurant, writing, “Will never be back and will make sure anyone who follows me [doesn’t] goes either!!”

Considering the fact that the Saturday Night Live star has around 800,000 followers, that kind of blistering review is sure to hurt the Atlanta eatery.

Let that be a warning to racist managers everywhere: you can’t get away with this nonsense, because we remember it, and we’re not afraid to tell the world.