Drake gives away nearly $1M to Miami residents in ‘God’s Plan’ music video

Rapper takes generosity to new level by giving away entire video budget to Black and brown residents.

Drake is doing God’s work in his new music video for “God’s Plan,” and it has the internet all in their feelings.

The Toronto rapper took generosity to a new level by giving away his entire music video budget to Black and brown residents in Miami. The price tag for such a charitable gesture? Nearly $1 million.

“The budget for this video was $996,631. 90,” the opening credits for the video says. “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”

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From buying groceries for an entire supermarket to literally handing out bands of cash to lucky recipients, the hip-hop star brought smiles and tears of joy to those he felt needed it the most.

What’s more, Drake also handed the city’s fire department a $20,000 check, and even gave away two cars to two very lucky young people. The most touching part is seeing the rapper give cash to several families with young children, who are very visibly overcome with emotion.

All we can say is God bless Drake for doing his part in God’s plan: spreading a little love and light.

See the incredible music below.